Malta Dynamics Named Best Safety & Fall Protection Equipment Manufacturer, Receives Best Fall Arrest Product for the XSERIES

IHS Award Web - Malta Dynamics

Malta Dynamics, a full-service manufacturing company specializing in mobile fall arrest solutions, was recognized at the 2018 International Health and Safety Awards. The firm was named the Best U.S. Safety & Fall Protection Equipment Manufacturer and received the Best Fall Arrest Product for 2018 for the XSERIES Mobile Fall Protection System.

The recognition stems from the success the firm has experienced as a leader in safety solutions. “Here at Malta Dynamics, we design, engineer and manufacture to serve the general and construction industries,” said Founder and CEO Damian Lang. “Our products are designed to meet or exceed existing OSHA and ANSI requirements.”

As a contractor with more than 100 workers in the field along with 3,500 workers and dozens of safety directors, Lang said this puts him and his staff in a premium position to understand the needs of customers and adapt solutions to meet those needs.

“Our mission is to bring to market the perfect combination of efficiency, durability and affordability,” said Lang.

The company’s recognition as the Best Safety and Fall Protection Equipment Manufacturer for 2018 is attributed to Malta Dynamics’ commitment to collaborating with customers to understand their needs and tailor equipment solutions.

“When working with a new customer, we always obtain first-hand knowledge of the problems they face,” he said. “Engaging with end users allows us to seek a solution that not only solves the problem, but will fit in with their company’s methods, be affordable for them and allow for their workers to do their job efficiently.”

In addition, Malta Dynamics brings high-quality safety products to the market, in addition to implementing a training program to complement support and resource materials the firm provides.

Lang said Malta Dynamics foresees many developments to continue to catapult the firm’s success.

“At Malta Dynamics, we plan on solving these problems by creating a resource platform that makes it easy for our customers, or any end user, to train their employees and better establish safety competence within their companies,” he said. “This development and many others will offer us the chance to enhance our success and remain at the forefront of emerging developments in this fast-paced marketplace.”

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