Malta Dynamics launches engineered systems products and services

Wall Traveling - Malta Dynamics

Malta Dynamics has announced that its product and service line has expanded to include engineered system design and installation services. The new service line is designed to assist professionals with on-site fall protection assessments and systems to develop a framework for companies to eliminate and mitigate potential fall hazards.

Engineered solutions from Malta Dynamics address challenges presented by extreme environmental conditions and unique structures. The experts at Malta Dynamics design fall arrest solutions for existing facilities and buildings in the pre-planning stage. As a result, workers and construction site managers can lower insurance premiums, meet regulatory compliance, reduce on-site safety risks and experience a reduction of worker compensation claims.

The new service from Malta Dynamics begins with top-notch engineers performing modeling services and analysis reports to help improve safety standards. Next, the Malta Dynamics team determines the need for equipment. Customers can also expect Malta Dynamics to perform custom equipment fabrication so fall protection equipment can be used to its full potential. The company’s new site-specific services include recommendations for fall protection systems that are customized to each jobsite’s needs and demands.

Custom engineered fall projection services are engineered to withstand the loads required by OSHA, ANSI Z359.1, ANSI/IWCA I14.1 and EN and include a 100% satisfaction guarantee. Learn more about Malta Dynamics’ engineered systems today.

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