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What does that mean for us as a company?

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This is Greg Brown, the president here at Malta Dynamics. Greg has been a part of the safety industry for (fill in # after his interview, this is one of the questions) years and has the distinction of actually working out in the labor field before joining the fall protection force. Greg understands what it’s like to be out in the elements all day, working with the gear you have been issued by your employer, and just wanting to make it home safely to your family at the end of the day. That is why he puts so much emphasis on sending all our products out into the workforce to be thoroughly tested by the people who rely on them every day. Of course, we put all our fall protection equipment through rigorous lab testing to meet the strict safety standards of OSHA and ANSI, but we value the opinions of the workers who wear our gear all day long just as much. That is what makes Malta Dynamics special, we are here because of you and will always be here for you. 

We want YOU!

Nobody else does testing like us – period! The other guys might have beautiful labs where machines test all the equipment and so do we, but we’ve got something more. We let our gear see some real dirt before we deem it acceptable for your use and safety. We have hundreds of workers in the field and now we want YOU! When you join the Malta Dynamics Field Testing Crew, you will get the inside scoop and first dibs on our newest innovative fall safety equipment. We want your opinion on our products before we open them up for sale to the public. We want to completely refine the process for testing to make sure that our gear is comfortable, reliable, and perfect for the work force. In exchange for your opinion, you’ll be entitled to top-of-the-like Malta Dynamics swag like clothing, harnesses, lifelines, discounts, and many other awesome rewards! 

Here are some of the product lines that you could be testing

Fully Body Harnesses

Each Malta Dynamics harness is designed with your comfort and safety in mind. We have a wide variety of choices that range from minimal coverage with not added padding and just the harness essentials all the way to full coverage harnesses that feature shoulder and leg padding with added lumbar support. Our engineers are constantly designing new and innovative harnesses based on feedback from the industries that use them. You ask for it, we find a way to create it.

Self-retracting Lifelines

Self-retracting lifelines are popular fall arresters for the millions of people who work at heights daily. They can detect when a worker begins to fall and activates an internal braking mechanism that immediately stops the cable from moving and arrests the fall. Our SRLs come in Class A, Class B, and we have a hybrid SRL that meets both standards. We even have self-retracting lifelines that can be used on leading edges, so join our field crew to help us to help you stay safe on the job.


For workers who work in fall restraint, fall arrest, or situations that require 100% tie-off, lanyards are a trusted addition to the fall protection system. At Malta Dynamics, we have a range of shock absorbing, non-shock absorbing, single-leg, and dual-leg lanyards. A lanyard to suit a number of working environments. We create lanyards of various lengths and with different hooks to assist with safe and nimble connections to the anchor point. Join our crew to test our lanyards and give us your valued feedback.


The Malta Dynamics collection of personal protective equipment is an ever-growing and evolving category of our safety product line. We have PPE products ranging from earplugs and gloves to safety helmets and high-visibility clothing. These safety products are no-frills classic PPE that are designed to be comfortable and reliable. We want to be a one-stop shop for all your safety needs and your help is wanted to make sure we’re crafting the most functional and desirable personal protective products on the market!


The wide world of anchors is constantly growing. At Malta Dynamics we have specialized anchors for roofs, concrete, steel, billboards, and window washing. Each one that we offer today has been meticulously designed by or engineers and then sent directly to our current field crews to make sure it does exactly what it's supposed to. One of our most recent innovative anchor designs is a billboard anchor to keep billboard workers safe while they hang and maintain the signage. Will you be on our field crew to test the next anchor we create?


Anyone who operates at heights knows that arresting the fall is just the first step of saving a worker’s life. The rescue and retrieval of someone who has encountered a fall is absolutely vital. Suspension trauma starts in minutes after a fall is arrested and can cause severe injuries, so we’ve created products to help with a swift rescue. Right now, our rescue line includes a ladder rescue system, suspension trauma relief strap for your body harness, and a 3-way recovery self-retracting lifeline. These products are just the tip of the iceberg on what's to come, so join our field crew and you could be part of the perfection process for creating lifesaving products.

Field Tested, Field Approved – That’s Who We Are!

We have been and always will be – safety. Our company was founded on the goal of creating comfortable, functional, and affordable lifesaving fall protection gear. Nothing is more important to us than getting workers home safely at the end of the day. We know that each industry has a specific set of fall hazards to face, and we put effort into making sure the equipment we offer has been field tested and field approved by the people who utilize our products. We want everyone who wears Malta Dynamics fall protection equipment to know that these are products that you can trust your life to. Designed by real people who care about your safety and wellbeing.   

We trust your opinion, so you can trust our gear!

Malta Dynamics- Field Tested, Field Approved.