If You Want the Order, Show Up on Time, Make My Job Easy, and Give Me a Damn Price

First impressions matter. But even more important is how you follow-up and create an action plan with your potential customers. After a frustrating experience with one of his sales professionals, CEO Damian Lang saw firsthand how NOT to do business.

When you expect your potential customers to do the work for you, what you’ll likely find is that a competitor will come in, swoop up the sale and deliver better results. And, in the end, your company’s reputation is damaged and you’ve lost a sale and potential long-term customer.

In this month’s Contractor Tip, Damian details how companies create obstacles for prospective clients and outlines strategies for salespeople to avoid.

A Few Key Points to Consider:

  • Don’t let your competition win the job that could have been yours if your sales staff had responded quickly.
  • Provide a quote right on the spot, and always within one hour of the customer request.
  • Keep in touch daily and submit a bid before the competition does.

The biggest takeaway is that you must maintain consistent and quick contact to secure new customers. One of the hardest things to measure at our companies is the performance of our salespeople. Finding strategies to do just that and improve processes and sales techniques can ultimately safeguard your business and your reputation.

Are you ready to learn how to win more business? See what Damian has to say in this article.

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