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This question is best answered in two different ways. Yes, fall protection equipment is reusable as long as your equipment passes inspection. However, fall protection equipment used for one job and its hazards may not be the right equipment for a different job with different hazards. It is always a good idea to review the site hazard analysis and get confirmation from the Competent Person on which gear to use for the hazards of this new job. You can download a free Hazard Assessment checklist here.

How do I determine if my gear is right for this job?

To determine what gear is right for the fall hazards on your new job, consult the hazard analysis for your duties or perform a hazard analysis for the new job. You’ll also need to confirm this with the Competent Person on site. In the case where you determine your gear from the previous job is the correct gear for the new job, ensure that your inspection is up to date on all of the items, and always perform a pre use inspection.

You can seek help from outside of your organization on your fall protection plan if you need it. The most important thing to know is that regardless of whether you do the work yourself or have someone do an inspection and work is hired out to complete your fall protection plan, the responsibility of that plan is ultimately on you as the employer. An inspection and suggestion by a Qualified Person is only effective if the solutions are carried through to completion and your Authorized Person(s) are trained on the operations of these solutions.

The ANSI and OSHA Guidelines

The American National Standards Institute (ANSI) and the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) both have language to be followed when it comes to fall protection equipment inspections.

According to ANSI/ASSE Z359.2:

“Fall protection equipment shall be inspected by the authorized person at least once at the beginning of each eight-hour shift in which it is used to verify that it has not sustained any wear or damage that would require its removal from service. Fall protection and fall rescue equipment shall be inspected on a regular basis not to exceed one year (or more frequently if required by the manufacturer’s instructions) by a competent person or a competent rescuer, as appropriate, to verify that the equipment is safe for use.”

The Occupational Safety and Health Administration explains daily use inspections in standard 1910.140 (c) (18), “Personal fall protection systems must be inspected before initial use during each work shift for mildew, wear, damage and other deterioration, and defective components must be removed from service.”

Maintenance and inspections

Proper maintenance and inspection of your safety equipment is key to ensuring your workers remain safe on the job. We’ve created these handy checklists to make inspecting the condition of your Malta Dynamics equipment a seamless part of your everyday process. You may freely download and copy any of these fall protection inspection forms that pertain to the equipment used in your operation.

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