How Often do Lifelines Need to be Recertified?

It’s important to keep all the components of your personal fall arrest system in working order. One faulty piece of equipment can be the difference in life and death, so inspections and recertifications are vital steps in the process to make sure your fall protection gear is reliable.

OSHA Standard 1926.502(d)(21) and ANSI Standard 359.2 require daily inspections by the worker before use and yearly inspections by a competent person to keep self-retracting lifelines up to the industry’s established regulations.

Malta Dynamics Standards

A few years ago, manufacturers used to require you to send your self-retracting back to the factory to perform a full recertification inspection on them. In this process they will open the housing of the SRL to examine each component and restore all the parts to a nearly new condition. Nowadays, at Malta Dynamics, we don’t require a recertification on our self-retracting lifelines. We do comply with the OSHA and ANSI standards and require a yearly competent person inspection, and we always strongly encourage a diligent pre-use inspection every time you put your equipment on.

Repair and Recertification from Malta Dynamics

If you have a self-retracting lifeline that does not pass the pre-use or annual inspection, remove it from service immediately and contact us. We have active self-retracting lifeline repair centers and can gladly help restore your lifeline to working order. All of our self-retracting lifelines come with a lifetime warranty so you can purchase with confidence and if a problem occurs, simply send it to one of our repair centers with an SRL repair form that can be found here.

Daily Pre-Use Inspections

Making pre-use inspections part of your daily routine is a highly effective way to make sure your fall protection equipment is working properly before an accident occurs. We’ve created easy-to-follow inspections forms to help make the process reliable and simple. Follow our checklists to make sure you’re properly inspecting every part of your equipment. We have free inspection forms for many fall protection products including:

Harness Inspection Form

Anchorage Connectors Inspection Form

Removable Concrete Anchor

Lanyard Inspection Form

Carabiner Inspection Form

SRL Inspection Form

Vertical Lifeline Inspection Form

You may freely download and copy any of these forms that pertain to the equipment used in your operation.

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