Employee Compliance: How To

On this week’s episode of Dynamic Discussions, Greg and David give us some tips and pointers on improving employee compliance. Compliance starts with the management and ownership team of the company to create a safety culture amongst employees. Educate employees about the consequences to themselves and the employer if their job isn’t done safely. If you’re the Competent Person on your jobsite, you should know your who Authorized Persons are and make sure they are representing that position fully. If you understand your requirements, train workers on those requirements, and show up to make sure the first two are being done, you will see huge improvements. Your employees will wear their fall protection!

The People Have Spoken

Earlier this year our Malta Dynamics President, Greg Brown, conducted a poll on his LinkedIn asking safety professionals what their biggest hurdle was in perfecting their fall protection plan. Out of 200 votes, he was surprised to see the humber one winner, with 63%, was that employees are not using fall protection while working at heights. Because of this landslide, we decided that we could made a guide of sorts to point out the 5 reasons that employees most likely don’t wear their fall protection. 


The 5 Reasons Your Workers Don’t Wear Fall Protection

In the guide to the reasons your crew doesn’t wear their fall protection, we have identified five distinct reasons and offer up advice on how to help avoid running into those problems in the future. 

The five reasons we’ve identified are: 

  1. Lack of Education/Knowledge 
  2. Workers Do Not Understand the Impact to Their Company If They’re Hurt/ Caught
  3. Workers Do Not Understand The Impact To Themselves and Their Families
  4. The Safety Manager Isn’t Visible Of Enforcing Fall Protection Requirements
  5. The Gear Is Uncomfortable

3 Things You Can Do To Improve Compliance Immediately

Part two of the initiative to help perfect the fall protection plan, is in a guide this guide where we have identified the three things you can do to improve compliance immediately. “The purpose of this series isn’t to call out one particular person or group responsible for the non-compliance with fall protection precautions, but rather to educate readers on the potential obstacles in their way and offer many solutions to educate and improve safety overall.”

The three key things that you can implement right now to improve Fall Protection compliance on your jobsite are: 

  1. Understand What Is Required by OSHA and Other Regulatory Bodies
  2. Educate Your Employees (REALLY)

You can read the fill guide here.

OSHA Survival Guide

The OSHA Survival Guide features the 5 Reasons Your Workers Don’t Wear Fall Protection and The 3 Things You Can Do To Improve Compliance Immediately, and includes everything you need to create an OSHA compliant fall protection plan. All in one convenient downloadable PDF. 

Inside the guide you’ll find all the written OSHA requirements for fall protection and training, a glossary of common OSHA terms, hazard assessments, inspection forms, fall clearance charts, and OSHA’s safety and health regulations. 

Download the OSHA Survival Guide here.


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