Window Washing vs Roof Anchors

Whenever you work at heights, it’s essential to connect with an anchor in case a fall restraint or arrest scenario occurs. Roof anchors are one of the most significant components of a fall arrest system. Depending on the job, you will use different roof anchor types. This week, we talk about how window washing anchors are different from standard roof anchors and why it’s important to have the right one.

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Window washing safety involves many different requirements for fall arrests than other situations may have. Specific standards set by the International Window Cleaning Association (IWCA) and ANSI spell out exactly how to use window washing anchors. OSHA also has distinct guidelines for window washing anchors. Standard 1910.27 states that building owners are responsible for identifying, testing, certifying and maintaining roof anchors for window washing so that these devices can support 5,000 lbs. in any direction for each worker attached.

In OSHA standard 1910.28, employers are required to provide fall protection systems for employees exposed to fall hazards. All OSHA window washing anchor regulations are vital to ensuring workers stay safe. Compared to other jobs that use fall protection systems, window washing is different. Workers are in suspension the entire time using an apparatus like a chair or ropes, which means using the proper window washing roof anchors is imperative. 

Most people on the job site often use 12″ or 18″ roof anchors. You’ll see these devices on many roofs, whether it’s a commercial-sized or flat roof. When looking at window washing and standard roof anchors, it can be difficult to tell the difference between them. However, window washing anchors differ in that they usually require documentation.

In compliance with OSHA standards 1910.27 and 1910.28, building owners who want to have their windows cleaned must show documentation proving they’ve had window washing anchors installed and that these devices meet all requirements. Proof of documentation ensures the building owners provide safety measures for the workers.

Building owners must also have the anchors inspected annually and complete a 10-year certification. Regularly checking the anchors’ condition ensures they are strong enough for people to use while being suspended in the air.

People also use other anchor solutions for window washing. However, the important factor is that workers may use anchors differently, so testing techniques will be different. When ensuring proper fall protection for window washing, a worker can’t just pick up any 12″ or 18″ galvanized anchor and bolt it to the roof. Many factors are involved when choosing the best window washing anchors, including the building owner’s various responsibilities.

Trust Malta Dynamics Roof Anchors

At Malta Dynamics, we have roof anchors suitable for your window washing needs. For any window washing job, roof anchors are vital for assisting in fall arrest and restraint situations. Window washing stabilization anchors ensure workers are secured to the roof while they scale around the building to clean windows and remain suspended in the air.

Our roof anchors have been thoroughly tested and meet the requirements for anchors rated for window cleaning. If you’re looking for solutions, you can choose between our 12″ and 18″ window washing anchors. Stay safe while cleaning windows with our roof anchors and other fall protection equipment.

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