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Instead of Trying to Make People Nice, Just Hire Nice People

Malta Dynamics Contractor-Tip

Workplace cohesion is the key to a thriving business. Malta Dynamics’ CEO Damian Lang believes that obstacles to success surround one primary problem – people problems. As a result, he has adopted the following strategy: “We don’t try to make people nice; we just hire nice people.”

Damian recognizes that it is difficult to pinpoint personality traits and a genuine ability to be nice during the interview process; however, working with the people in your organization and trying to fix the situation can help – or, it may lead to removing individuals who are toxic.

In this month’s Contractor Tip, Damian identifies questions and answers about conflict that can help change the dynamics of a jobsite and get everyone back to doing the job at hand.

A Few Key Points:

  • Do you have the right boss on the jobsite?
  • Is everyone on the same page?
  • Are you holding after-hours activities?
  • Are you hiring nice people?

Ready to learn how to build a successful business with nice employees leading the way? See what Damian has to say in this article.

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