Removing Belts and/or Back pads from harnesses


February, 2018

 RE: Removing Belts and/or Back pads from harnesses

In regards to Malta Dynamics harnesses that have belts, back pads, or shoulder pads – these items may be removed without any fall arresting performance being affected. While these items may increase the comfort or add positioning options while wearing the harness, they are not part of the fall arresting protection and therefore can be removed. This only applies to the above listed components that ARE NOT SEWN TO THE HARNESS PERMANENTLY. This is easily determined during removal. If you can simply remove the item in question without mechanical means (i.e. cutting, slicing) and can simply remove by hand, then it does not affect the performance.

Should you have any questions regard the removal of options from your harness, please contact Malta Dynamics before doing so.

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