The Grabber Training Package

Malta Dynamics has designed the Grabber Training Package to train and instruct workers via classroom and hands-on training in the operation of the Grabber Mobile Fall Protection System.  Our authorized trainers will demonstrate, engage and prepare students to assume the role of a Competent Person and be fully prepared to operate the Malta Dynamics Grabber Mobile Fall Protection System.

The Malta Dynamics Grabber Training Package is intended for those who are assigned by their employer to take on the responsibilities of performing the following:

  • Pre Use Inspection
  • Operating the Grabber
  • Positioning the Grabber
  • Towing the Grabber
  • Counterweight Placement
  • Maintenance and Care
  • Workplace Assessments of Fall Hazards
  • Selecting and Assessing the Compatibility of Fall Protection Equipment

OSHA requires a fully trained and knowledgeable Competent Person to be present at every job, and Malta Dynamics is dedicated to promoting the highest standards of regulatory compliance and worker safety.

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