Finding and Retaining the Right Workforce

You’ve heard the phrase, “You always get what you pay for.” This can apply to many aspects of your life, but especially your workforce.

Damian Lang, CEO of Malta Dynamics, EZG Manufacturing, Lang Masonry Contractors and Wolf Creek Construction, has learned that sometimes paying your employees more can help you to avoid the pain of losing top performers.

In his latest contractor tip, Damian offers a personal example of how a trusted and talented mechanic has continuously struggled to retain quality employees. His guess? The mechanic wasn’t offering enough money to attract and retain top performers.

A Few Key Points:

  • Are you asking yourself how much value an employee brings to your operation?
  • What is the real cost of employee turnover?
  • What factors should you consider when onboarding an employee?

Ready to boost your recruitment and retention? See what Damian has to say in this article.

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