Frequently Asked Questions

If you have a question about a Malta Dynamics product, you may find the answer here. It is our goal to continue to grow this list as our products expand and we will be relying on our customers to participate. In the event you cannot find the information you are looking for in the content below, we encourage you to ask our Malta Dynamics Technical Experts!

Do the Malta Dynamics products meet the ANSI standard?

Malta Dynamics products are all 100% tested in an ISO 17025 facility as required by ANSI. Our products will not be introduced to the market unless we have test results in hand first. You would be shocked to know how many competitors in the fall protection landscape are selling products that have not met the ANSI standard. At Malta Dynamics, we will share the test results with our customers.

Are all testing procedures the same?

No. To actually meet the ANSI standard testing in an ISO 17025 is required. Because only a few manufacturers have facilities third part testing is commonplace. This approach is perfectly legitimate.

How can I be sure the product has been tested by an ISO 17025 facility?

To be 100% sure you should ask for the test documents. You need to make sure the product name and part number are reflected in the documentation. You should ask for this and if the manufacturer cannot produce it (or if they produce a statement but no testing data marked with the ISO 17025) they most likely do not meet the standard.

How many styles of harnesses do you have?

Malta Dynamics manufactures the Warthog line of harness in multiple styles. All together there are currently six styles from economy to Comfort Maxx and sizes that range from extra small to XXXL. The Warthog is a “best in class” economy harness built to be average while maintaining affordability.

What is the service life of a full body harnesses?

All Malta Dynamics products – including those containing nylon webbing – can be used indefinitely upon passing the typical user inspections. To make clear:
Any and all Malta Dynamics products that pass the required inspections per the user’s manual may be used indefinitely and does not have a limited lifespan based on date of manufacture alone.

How do I know what size harness to order?

View the sizing chart available online. The MD Sizing Chart is categorized by chest and waist measurements. The numbers shown in the chart are flexible by about two inches in either direction.

Can I write on a harness?

Malta recommends that you should not. Writing devices may damage webbing if excess pressure is used, or may grind in dirt or corrosive substances into webbing. In addition, ink and paint can cover up damage to webbing. While there are some types of ink that will not potentially harm the webbing we believe it may be too difficult to train workers which specific brands to use and the potential for mistakes is too great. Writing devices may damage webbing if excess pressure is used, or may grind in dirt or corrosive substances into webbing. In addition, ink and paint can cover up damage to webbing.

What is the brake rate on Malta Dynamics Self-Retracting Lifelines?

The brake rate on any Malta Dynamics Self-Retracting Lifeline is 4.5 feet per second.

Can you use the Roof Anchor 12 as part of a permanent application?

Yes, you will need to purchase galvanized units.

What is the screw size needed for the Roof Anchor?

The screw size for the Roof Anchor is a #14.

What kind of warranty does Malta Dynamics offer on their products

Malta Dynamics, LLC warrants that the equipment shall be free from defects in material and workmanship that develop under normal use for a period of one year from the date of shipment. The foregoing shall be the exclusive remedy of the buyer and the exclusive liability of Malta Dynamics, LLC. Our warranty excludes normal replaceable wear items, i.e. gaskets, wear parts, seals, O-rings, belts, drive chains, clutches, etc. Any equipment, part or product which is furnished by Malta Dynamics, LLC but manufactured by another, bears only the warranty given by such other manufacturer (Malta Dynamics, LLC agrees to furnish free of charge a written description of problem or cause). Warranty is voided by product abuse, alterations, use of equipment in applications for which it was not intended, use of non-manufacturer parts, or failure to follow documented service instructions. The foregoing warranty is exclusive of all other warranties whether written or oral, expressed or implied. No warranty of merchantability or fitness for a particular purpose shall apply. The agents, dealers, and employees of Malta Dynamics, LLC are not authorized to make modifications to this warranty, or additional warranties binding on the Malta Dynamics, LLC. Therefore, additional statements, whether oral or written, do not constitute warranty and should not be relied upon.

Malta Dynamics, LLC’s sole responsibility for any breach of the foregoing warranty provisions, with respect to any product or part not conforming to the Warranty or the description herein contained, is at its option:

(a) to repair, replace, or refund such product or parts upon the prepaid return thereof to location designated specifically by Malta Dynamics, LLC. Product returns not shipped prepaid will be refused.

(b) as an alternative to the foregoing modes of settlement that dealer may repair defective units with reimbursement for expenses. A written description of problem or cause must accompany all warranty claims.

Except as set forth here in above and without limitation of the above, there are no warranties or other affirmation which extend beyond the description of the products on the fact hereof, or as to operational efficiency, product reliability, or maintainability or compatibility with products furnished by others. In no event, whether as a result of breach of contract or warranty or alleged negligence, shall Malta Dynamics, LLC be liable for special or consequential damages including but not limited to: Loss of profits or revenue, loss of use of the product or any associated product, cost of capital, cost of substitute products, facilities or services or claims of customers. Malta Dynamics, LLC does not assume responsibility for any accident due to equipment modification or misuse.

No claim will be allowed for products lost or damaged in transit. Such claims should be filed with the carrier within fifteen days.