Malta Dynamics specializes in helping businesses identify fall safety hazards, write fall protection safety plans, and engineer fall safety solutions that save lives.


– Fall Safety Hazard Analysis

– Site Survey

– Written Job Fall Safety Analysis

Malta Dynamics provides thorough fall hazard risk assessments for those who have not yet identified their sites fall hazards or who may need a fresh look at their facility. Our qualified fall protection professionals have a systematic approach of identifying hazards and then implementing a solutions hierarchy to provide protection suggestions from the hazards. If you’re not sure where you stand with compliance to OSHA’s regulations then let one of our experts help. Assessment includes review of your current safety programs, training records and facility walkthrough. A complete report of findings and recommendations is included.

These surveys include:

Site walk through

Interviews with managers and staff




Proposed solutions

The Fall Hazard Risk Assessment is an important step to developing a site and corporate fall arrest and rescue plan. Malta Dynamics has the experience and knowledge to aid in completing this important compliance requirement. Our risk assessment evaluation team members are experienced.

Malta Dynamics Assessment services target in on the areas in the plant or facility that need attention. The reviews of both Fall Hazard Risk Assessment and OSHA Compliance Assessment provide the information and tools necessary to comply with the standards and provide a safe working environment. All fall protections assessments and surveys are done onsite by our trained fall protection specialist. Let us review your facility and identify fall hazards. We will then put together a written report to include pictures of the areas in question and recommended solutions to abate the hazard.

Malta Dynamics Consultative Services also offers:

– Building Plan Review

– Written Fall Protection Plans

– Jurisdictional Code Review


The US Department of Labor has published data showing that falls are one of the leading causes of fatal occupational injuries. When a worker is working at a height of four feet or more, they need to be protected. That is where Malta Dynamics can help.

Our qualified fall protection specialists can visit your facility to identify fall hazards and determine your site-specific fall protection requirements. Identifying fall hazards and designing a custom plan for your company is the first step in protecting your employees from dangerous situations.

We send professional fall protection specialists to identify the problems, consult with supervisors, and design a plan to protect you.