Face Masks Donated to Local Schools

Malta Dynamics welcomed the beginning of the school year by donating more than 1,500 face masks to Ohio schools. Students are required by the State of Ohio to wear face masks, and the company focused on supporting local schools.

“Many of our team members have children returning to classrooms this fall,” Malta Dynamics CEO Damian Lang said. “We are protecting what matters most to our staff and helping our local community with these face masks.”

The 3-ply disposable face masks are designed to be light and breathable for all-day comfort. They provide three layers of protection, and can be adjusted to fit children as well as adults.

The company also provided face masks to Mary Queen of Peace, an urban, underserved elementary school with approximately 300 students in Cleveland. Many of the students in the school qualify for the National School Lunch Program sponsored by the USDA.

“For many of the parents of our students, acquiring a face mask will create a financial hardship,” Veronica Morrow, a volunteer at Mary Queen of Peace in Cleveland, said. “With children being children, many of them are likely to lose or misplace their masks, therefore creating a need for us to have extra masks on hand.”

The schools plan to use the masks for students and staff who need a replacement mask during the day as well as for students and visitors who arrive without masks.

“We want everybody to be comfortable, and we want everybody to be as safe as possible,” Malta Dynamics Operations Manager Greg Brown said. “We want everyone to have a great school year.”

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