Innovative Patented Designs

EyeCatcher’s innovative and patented designs are focused on quality, safety, ease of use and ease of installation.  In the event of a fall, forces are reduced with its energy-absorbing design while maintaining a secure connection to the structure.

Fewer Penetrations And Fast Installation

EyeCatcher’s “TwistFix” anchor posts are easily installed utilizing single toggle down anchor technology making them the preferred solution by building owners where the number of roof penetrations are a major concern.  In addition to reducing installation time the set-up cost requires minimal labor and eliminates the need for additional roof penetration and repair.

E3021 - Anchor Eye
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Anchor Eye

E3038 - DoorFix Mobile Anchor
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DoorFix Mobile Anchor

E3022 - SeamFix 450
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SeamFix 450

E3023 - SeamFix 660
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SeamFix 660

E3002 - TwistFix Linked Cable Corner System
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TwistFix Linked Cable Corner System

E3000 - TwistFix Linked Cable End Post
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TwistFix Linked Cable End Post

E3001 - TwistFix Linked Cable Intermediate
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TwistFix Linked Cable Intermediate

E3010 - TwistFix Post
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TwistFix Post


Compatible and Versatility

All EyeCatcher rooftop permanent horizontal lifeline systems and “TwistFix” anchor posts are designed to accommodate a wide range of roofing deck profiles including metal, standing seam, corrugated, concrete and wood.

The recognizable color and smart design make the EyeCatcher Systems clearly visible, creating a safe working situation for anyone who is working at a height.

Please contact Ken Hebert, National Sales Manager, to discuss your rooftop fall protection needs.

Mobile 832-683-6218 or email at [email protected]