Track Grabber™ Wheeled Mobile Enclosed Track System

Malta Dynamics wheeled mobile Track Grabber™ enclosed track system can be moved with a heavy-duty pickup truck. Mobile system provides a fixed path of fall protection coverage up to 30° off center. The Track Grabber™ is perfect for protecting workers who need to access many types of vehicles or aircraft for inspection and maintenance purposes.


  • Standard track spans range from 14’ to 70. Standard arm reach starts at 9’ and standard height starts at 20’
  • System can support 1 or 2 workers and utilize either single or dual track styles
  • Set-up and installation utilize bolt together components with no welding required
  • Manual leveling jack plates
  • Enclosed track design eliminates the possibility of dirt or ice build-up interfering with trolley movement
  • Trolley comes standard


  • Single or dual track (allowing workers to pass one another while attached to the system)
  • Layered primer with single and double enamel coatings, epoxy coatings, and galvanized finish

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Track Grabber™ Wheeled Mobile Enclosed Track System

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