$1K Harness Challenge at World of Concrete

Malta Dynamics is Giving Away a $1,000.00 Prize!

Do you have what it takes to win this year?

January 17th-20th  |  Las Vegas Convention Center  |  Booth N1621

The contestant with the best (shortest) clocked time will win the grand prize of $1,000.00 (and bragging rights for all of 2017, of course).

Contest details:

First off, must be 18 years of age or older in order to participate.

Clock starts when the contestant is ready and holding the harness by the back D-Ring. Clock stops when contestant says “done” or “finished.” Total time recorded will be finishing time. Three second penalty for D-Ring, leg straps or mid straps being too loose, improperly fastened or misplaced. Three seconds is all that can be deducted. Only one attempt per entry.

Contestant MAY:

Shake harness to allow all straps to fall in place prior to starting the clock.
Release and unbuckle straps prior to starting the clock.

How to Put on a Harness

Step 1 – Hold harness by back D-ring. Shake harness to allow all straps to fall in place.
Step 2 – If chest, leg and/or waist straps are buckled, release straps and unbuckle at this time.
Step 3 – Slip straps over shoulders so D-ring is located in middle of back between shoulder blades.
Step 4 – Pull leg strap between legs and connect to opposite end. Repeat with second leg strap. If belted harness, connect waist strap after leg straps.
Step 5 – Connect chest strap and position in mid-chest area. Tighten to keep shoulder straps taut.
Step 6 – After all straps have been buckled, tighten all buckles so that harness fits snug but allows full range of movement. Pass excess strap through loop keepers.

Frequently Asked Questions:

  1. When will the cash prize actually be awarded? We will mail out a check to the winner from headquarters the week following the competition.
  2. Do I have to be present to win? No. Your finish time is all that matters. We will mail the winner their money the week following the competition.
  3. What are the days and times that I can participate in the competition? Any time the Malta Dynamics Booth N1621 is open and we are there to clock your time, you can participate.



New Products Are Being Introduced at World of Concrete


This year at the world of concrete Malta Dynamics is unveiling multiple new products. We invite you to stop by Booth N1621 to see what’s being released.

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